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More Than You Will Ever Know

Watching your baby whether fur or human, carrying around their first blanket with so much love is truly a sweet memory to cherish. In witnessing this milestone moment, you know without a shadow doubt that that simple blanket is much more then just a piece of cloth.

But at some point, after peek-a-poo, blanket forts, magic carpet rides and weekend slumber parties, the wonder and imagination we once had as a child seems lost. As adults we often look at a blanket as just that—a blanket, something that warms us while we sleep or relax. But that’s not all they are. They are so much more special than that. They are about connection.

Having a snuggly source of comfort is essential to establishing a new normal to a newborn. Everything is different in this big strange world, but a blanket or lovey can add a sense of security and familiarity that little else can during those early days. Especially when the faint smell of mom or dad cuddles remains locked into the soft fibers, self-soothing isn’t so scary after all.

Mercy and Me Handmade has been making minky blankets for babies almost since we started our business. Back then we were exclusively known as Mercy and Me Chewelry and more, but as we pivoted we got to the heart of why we do what we do. Yes, we saw soft blankets as a baby essential, offering it in a variety of sizes for various needs. However what was and continues to really motivate us is seeing the human connection. We’ve customized numerous blankets making them that thoughtful gift that turns into a treasured keepsake. The quality of the minky we use, when taken care of properly, makes them perfect for heirloom or family blankets. And no one is too young or too old to not have enjoy the magical softness of these blankets.

A blanket is ageless.

A blanket is a hug from a loved one you can’t hold every day. The right blanket can transform a bad day into a not-so-bad day. That blanket can be your companion, take you from page 1 to the end of a series. Mercy and Me Handmade hopes you create lasting memories with a household item, that isn’t always appreciated for how much it can change how we feel.

So, whether you are playing hiding and go seek, cuddling close to make newborn memories or chasing a streakier clutching their sookie as they race down the hall, a blanket is much more. A blanket connects us to each other.

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